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Liquid diet is a highly regarded weight loss plan due to its many health benefits. The diet, as the name suggests, involves the consumption of juices, smoothies, and milkshakes in place of solid foods. Liquid diet enables users to trade one meal for a juice or smoothie to ensure that they still get the nutrients they need through out the day.

Contrary to popular belief, adopting a liquid diet does not mean exclusively taking clear, colorless liquids. The diet entails consuming liquids that do not contain any solids that may leave any residue behind. An entry featured on the Positive Health Wellness website notes that liquid diet has been recommended by herbalists and medical practitioners for centuries.

Benefits of liquid diet

Liquid diet is primarily prescribed to people who are morbidly obese in order to lose fat quickly. An Organic Facts entry reveals that liquid diet induces a calorie deficiency in the body, which means that more calories are being burned and used up than being consumed. Physicians and health care experts usually recommend that patients take between 500 and 800 calories from liquids. Patients are also advised to follow liquid diet prior to certain operations such as colonoscopy to ensure that the body stays well-hydrated, and to reduce the risk of finding solid residues in the stomach throughout the procedure.

The diet scheme is also significantly effective in boosting metabolism and detoxifying various organs in the body. Experts note that eating solid foods prompt the body to produce more effort in metabolizing them. In contrast, following a liquid diet primes the body to catch up and eliminate toxins — such as heavy metals, chemicals and metabolic byproducts —  from the kidneys and bladder. Liquid diet also helps flush out stored toxins in the colon and digestive tract.

Likewise, liquid diet readily provides the body with easily digestible enzymes, vitamins and minerals that nourish vital organ systems such as the central nervous system. An article posted on the LiveStrong website also stresses that liquid diet helps facilitate the production of new and healthy cells. In addition, patients with Crohn’s disease and other inflammatory bowel diseases gain significant benefits from following a liquid diet.

Food items typically found in the liquid diet

An article posted on the Very Well website stresses that liquid diet commonly focuses on the increased consumption of clear liquids. Water and strained fruit juices are the staple items in this diet scheme. Likewise, fat-free and low sodium chicken, vegetable or beef broth can be taken. Coffee, tea, sodas and sports drinks are acceptable liquids as well. Other food items typically found in liquid diet include hard candies, popsicles and flavored gelatin without any fruit or solids.

Body systems supported by liquid diet

Liquid diet boosts metabolism and primarily benefits the body’s digestive profile. Likewise, the diet plan is helpful in promoting kidney and bladder health. The diet scheme may also benefit both the immune and central nervous systems.

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Liquid diet effectively detoxifies the body and promotes significant weight loss.

Liquid diet eliminates toxins from the kidneys, bladder and digestive tract.

Liquid diet may alleviate Crohn’s disease and other inflammatory bowel conditions.

Liquid diet improves metabolism and boosts digestive health.

Liquid diet is helpful in promoting kidney and bladder profile.

Liquid diet may also benefit both the immune and central nervous systems.

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