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Lip cancer is diagnosed when abnormal cells grow out of control and form lesions on the lips. This specific variety is a type of oral cancer (itself a subcategory of head and neck cancer) and is often treated similarly to its parent pathogen.

The disease is characterized by thin, flat cells that form near the lip, mouth, tongue, cheeks, sinuses, throat, and along the hard and soft palates.  

This type of cancer is more seen in men than in women. Other risk factors include: being older than 40 years old, having human papillomavirus (HPV), alcohol abuse, heavy use of tobacco, being light-skinned, poor oral hygiene, excessive sun exposure, and improper and continual use of tanning beds.

Prognosis for lip cancer is fairly good if diagnosed early.

Known side effects of lip cancer

The first signs and symptoms of lip cancer are:

  • A red or white patch on the lip
  • Swollen jaw
  • Bleeding or pain around the lips
  • Sores, blisters, ulcers, or lumps around the mouth that will not go away

If left untreated, these lesions can become extremely painful and cause the jaw to swell. Patients may have difficulties chewing, talking, and swallowing.

Body systems harmed by lip cancer

The cancer is isolated around the mouth area.

Food items or nutrients that may prevent lip cancer

Among all types of cancer, doctors believe lip cancer to be the most preventable form of the disease. This is because its occurrence is typically the result of poor lifestyle habits, particularly in the abuse of alcohol and tobacco. This is not to say that there is no genetic factor in its development – indeed, this type of cancer does appear to run in families. Nevertheless, the manifestation of lip cancer does coincide heavily with how one leads his or her life.

Food does play a role in the prevention of lip cancer, but even the healthiest of choices do not completely prevent this form of the disease if the patient insists on maintaining a poor lifestyle.

Treatments, management plans for lip cancer

Treatments depend on the stage of cancer. Severe cases would require surgery. Radiation therapy and chemotherapy are also usually recommended.

Natural healers recommend these alternative remedies:

  • Basil – Patients are asked to chew two to three basil leaves daily or adding three teaspoons of the powder to a glass of water and drinking that twice every day. Parsley may serve as a substitute for basil.
  • Coriander seeds – Chew five to six seeds daily. Patients may also prefer a tea. To do this, steep nine to 10 seeds in hot water and drink three to four cups daily.
  • Grape – Crush a bunch of grapes and drink their juice twice daily.
  • Honey – Mix honey with some coconut milk. Heat this and apply onto the gums. Massage for at least 20 minutes. Wash thoroughly. Do this four times every day.
  • Lemon – Rub a slice of lemon on the gums and teeth three to four times every day.

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Lip cancer is caused by poor lifestyle habits, particularly cigarette smoking and consuming too much alcohol.

It is highly preventable.

If diagnosed early, it is easily treated.

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