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Amaranth oil is the essential liquid extracted from the seeds of the amaranth plant. The medicinal plant is native to both South and Central America where it has been cultivated for more than 2,000 years. The cultivation of amaranth, once believed to play a central role in pagan rituals of the indigenous people, was halted during Spanish exploration.

According to the Botanical Online website, amaranth oil contains only about eight percent of essential oil, which is seemingly minute compared with 34 percent found in flax and nearly 40 percent in safflower. This makes amaranth oil especially hard to find and extremely costly. The essential oil is primarily produced in Bolivia and Argentina. Other countries producing amaranth oil include India, Ukraine, and China as well as Russia and Kenya.

List of known nutrients

As with any other essential oils — such as olive oil and sunflower oil — the beneficial liquid extracted from amaranth seeds are loaded with important fatty acids that boost the body’s overall wellness. These include:

  • Linoleic acid
  • Monounsaturated fatty acids
  • Polyunsaturated fatty acids
  • Saturated fatty acids
  • Squalene

Medicinal uses for amaranth oil

Amaranth oil is notably rich in squalene, which explains its beneficial effects on heart health. The essential oil is shown to reduce the levels of bad cholesterol all while simultaneously increasing the body’s good cholesterol levels. This reduces the risk of suffering from various cardiovascular disorders such as atherosclerosis. Likewise, amaranth oil is known to bolster brain health by enhancing a patient’s memory functions and mental performance. The essential oil may fortify the patients’ response against psychological stress.

Amaranth oil is also remarkably effective in promoting the body’s immunity against a host of diseases. The essential oil is touted to contain an oxygenating effect that helps resupply the cells with oxygen and improve the body’s metabolic processes and overall performance. Amaranth oil also contains strong antioxidant and detoxification properties that scavenge and eliminate free radicals from the body.

The essential oil is found to fend off lung cancer too. The high squalene content in amaranth oil is believed to be behind the liquid’s powerful anti-cancer properties. Likewise, taking amaranth oil is shown to significantly improve skin health.

Body systems supported by amaranth oil

Amaranth oil is particularly beneficial in maintaining a healthy heart. The essential oil may also boost brain health and fortify the immune system’s defenses against infections. Likewise, the beneficial liquid supports the respiratory health and improves skin condition.

Ways to use amaranth oil

Amaranth oil can be directly applied to the skin as a topical treatment to a variety of skin disorders. An article posted on the Organic is Beautiful website suggested taking two to three drops of amaranth oil to be applied and massaged to various parts of the body including the hands, legs and back. Likewise, the essential oil can be added to coconut oil as a potent hair conditioner. Amaranth oil can also be used as a body lotion, the article added.

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Amaranth oil prevents bad cholesterol buildup and atherosclerosis.

Amaranth oil boosts memory and mental performance, and inhibits psychological stress.

Amaranth oil staves off lung cancer and various skin disorders.

Amaranth oil is particularly beneficial in maintaining a healthy heart.

Amaranth oil boost brain health and the body’s overall immunity.

Amaranth oil improves lung health and skin condition.

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